Haunted by the childhood murder of his parents, Bruce Wayne swore to devote his life to fighting crime.  Inspired by the bats that terrified him as a child, Bruce adopted their dark persona to strike fear into the hearts of the criminals as the guardian of Gotham City. Fortress of Baileytude Productions presents…Bailey’s Batman Podcast!

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Batman From The '30s to the '70sEpisode 24: Batman From The ’30s To The ’70s

This time out I go back to the very beginnings of my comic book reading history and look at Batman: From The ’30s To The ’70s.  This book means a lot to me as it contains the very first Batman stories I ever read.  In many ways this should have been the first episode of this series but things didn’t work out that way.  Joining me on this trip down memory lane is Professor Alan Middleton.  Alan hosts The Quarter Bin Podcast and co-hosts Shortbox Showcase over at the Relatively Geeky Network in addition to writing the Alan’s Eyes and Ears blog and co-hosting on The Book Guys Show.  In addition to being a nice guy, a fan of Doctor Doom and a snappy dresser Alan has some history with this book as well.  We discuss how we first read this collection, how influential the introduction was to us as fans, Batman in the Golden Age, how Dick Grayson was once a newsie (complete with music), Batwoman, Bat-Girl and how much we loved the last section of this book.

Make sure you check out Alan’s other podcasting work and his blogging.  He’s a great guy and I wanted to thank him again for appearing on the show and being so patient with me getting this episode edited.

Next Time: Music Of The Dark Knight

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Detective 500Episode 23: Detective Comics #500

Last time Tom Panarese and I talked about Batman #300.  It wasn’t great.  It wasn’t terrible but at the same time it wasn’t what I or my guest wanted it to be.  That isn’t the case with this episode.  In December of 1980 DC Comics published Detective Comics #500 and showed the comic book world that it knew how to celebrate an anniversary.  Joining me to talk about this mammoth book is Rob Kelly, webmaster and grand pooh bah of The Aquaman Shrine and co-host of the Fire and Water Podcast, Who’s Who: The Definitive Podcast of the DC Universe, the Film and Water Podcast and the Power Records Podcast.  While there are several homes for all of those shows the most handy way of getting there is by clicking on this link.  Rob and I spend most of the episode talking about the Alan Brennert/Dick Giordano classic To Kill a Legend, one of the greatest Batman stories ever told.

No really.  It was in the first volume of The Greatest Batman Stories Ever Told, a book Tom Panarese and I talked about in Episode 14 of this show.

After gushing about that story we take a quick look at the other tales in this book.  This includes a Slam Bradley story that features a bunch of other DC lawmen, a Hawkman story that ties into the origins of a founding member of the Justice League of America, two more Batman solo stories and a team-up with Deadman.  Some stories are better than others but when you have such creative heavyweights none of these tales could ever be thought of as bad.

Next Time: Alan Middleton stops by to talk about Batman: From the ’30s to the ’70s.

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Batman_Vol_1_300Episode 22: Batman #300

Sometimes when you are planning an episode of a podcast you have nothing but the best of intentions.  You think you have picked out a fantastic comic and then you ask a good friend to come along for the ride.  Then you actually read the comic and realize that things have gone wrong.  Not horribly wrong but wrong nonetheless.

That’s what happened with this particular comic.  When I asked Tom Panarese (he of Pop Culture Affidavit and In Country fame) to come join me to talk about Batman #300 I thought that it would be similar to the time that Andy Leyland and I talked about Batman #400.  We’d get together, talk about Batman, talk about anniversary issues and talk about a great story that celebrates the Dark Knight in fine style  As it turns out the story in Batman #300 has some problems.  What kind of problems?  Is it really that bad?  How long does it take for us to finally talk about the comic?  Well you’ll have to listen to this episode to find out.

 Next Time: Rob Kelly joins me to talk about Detective Comics #500!

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Christmas 2014

Episode 21: Christmas 2014

Roughly two years ago I released a Christmas themed episode where Andrew Leyland (of Hey Kids Comics, The Palace of Glittering Delights, The Fantasticast and Listen to the Prophets fame) and I did a commentary for Batman Returns.  This time out we turn our attention to the comics and picked one straight up Batman Christmas story and one that can be tangentially tied to Christmas but is really a Halloween story but I wanted to talk about it anyway.

In The Silent Night of Batman we get to see Batman take the night off around the holidays while his spirit and the idea of Batman continues to have an impact on the people of Gotham.  This is followed by the audio from the Power Records audio drama The Christmas Carol Caper where we hear Batman’s life threatened by an unknown villain as well as the Dark Knight singing, which is…odd.  Finally we cover Batman: Ghosts, which was a Legends of the Dark Knight special written by Jeph Loeb and drawn by Tim Sale.  Strictly speaking this is a Halloween story but it takes Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol and adapts to Batman and that holiday.  In between those comics are two rather long tangents where we talk about a lot of things but mainly the impact of trade paperbacks on Batman and on the various creators that have worked on Batman over the years.  All in all it’s a fun two hours and I hope you enjoy it.

Next time: The second part to my look at the various versions of The Case of the Chemical Syndicate.

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Episode Graphic 020

Episode 20: The Cases of the Chemical Syndicate Part 1

Back in 1939 the Bat-Man first appeared in a six page story between the covers of Detective Comics #27.  It was a simple and direct story that has been retold several times over the next seventy five years.  Since it is Batman’s birthday and since I have done little or nothing to mark this I thought it would be fun to look not only at the original story by Bob Kane and Bill Finger but the five re-tellings that I am aware of.  In this first installment I look at the first Case of the Chemical Syndicate from 1939.  Then I jump in the Bat-DeLorean to 1969 to look at a then modern take on the story in the pages of Detective Comics #387.  Finally I Quantum Bat-Leap to the year 1986 where I go through a story from the pages of Secret Origins #6 that not only re-tells the Case of the Chemical Syndicate but also the origin story from Detective Comics #33.

During the course of the episode I mention that you should check out a show that has sadly podfaded.  It was called Legends of the Batman hosted by Michael Bradley and Michael Kaiser.  You can click HERE to check out the 28 episodes they produced.  Also be sure to check out Michael Bradley’s current show Superman & Batman, which can be found by clicking HERE.  Finally if you have a hankering to learn more about the history of the Dark Knight be sure to check out a series of episodes of Jim Moon’s Hypnobobs podcast titled The Natural History of the Batman.  It is not always safe for work but it is always highly informative, entertaining and will make you laugh out loud without the need to shorten that phrase.  You can find the first episode by clicking HERE.

Next Time: I finish up my look at the various Cases of the Chemical Syndicate by looking at two stories from Detective Comics #627 and a more recent version from Detective Comics (Vol. 2) #27.

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Episode Graphic 019Episode 19: Batman 75th Anniversary of Justice Panel…DragonCon 2014

Hey, everyone!  Long time, no see.  Sorry about that.  It wasn’t my intention to be away this long but that’s they way life works sometimes.

Anyway, this time out I have the audio from a panel I was on at this year’s (2014) DragonCon.  Joe Crowe and Gary Mitchel, the directors for the American Sci-Fi Classics track at DragonCon, were nice enough to invite me to be on the Batman: 75th Anniversary of Justice panel that took place at 8:30 AM on Sunday, August 31, 2014.  My fellow panelists were John S. Drew (who is the award winning co-host of Cyborgs: A Bionic Podcast as well as hosting The Batcave Podcast), Mike Gordon (creator of the Tiki Zombie comic as well as a podcaster at Earth Station One), Will Price (contributor to the Seantastic Podcast), Michael Faulkner (writer and host of The Weekly Podioplex  podcast) and Geena Phillips (who writes a fun column on the sixties Batman series over at the Revolution SF site called Batman 66 Bat-Probe).  For an hour we took questions from the audience and talked about all things Batman.  Why doesn’t Batman kill the Joker?  What is our favorite Bat-gadget?  What did we think of The Killing Joke?  All these questions and more are asked and answered.

Be sure to check out the sites and shows of the people that made this such a fun panel to be on.

Below are some pictures I took at the panel.  The first three are the line I found when getting to the panel thirty minutes before it started.  Keep in mind that Sunday morning at DragonCon is not known for being busy what with the the drinking and the partying the night before, so seeing this many people was a bit a surprise.

IMG_1369IMG_1370IMG_1371And here was my view from the panel.  The room was packed.  Again, this was 8:30 on Sunday morning.  Apparently this Batman guy is popular.

IMG_1372 IMG_1373 IMG_1374 IMG_1375Once again I’d like to thank Joe Crowe and Gary Mitchel for letting me be a part of the panel and my fellow panelists for keeping me on my game.  That was a sharp crew of Batman fans.

Next time:  No idea.  Hopefully I’ll have something soon.

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Dark KNight RisesEpisode 18: Mike “vs.” The Nolan Films Part 2

And the debate continues.

Donovan Morgan Grant (he of BatmanUniverse.net, Spider-Man Crawlspace and The Next Dimension: A DragonBall Z Podcast fame) is still with me on this episode to wrap up our talk about the Christopher Nolan Batman films.  In this final installment we dig deep into both Dark Knight and Dark Knight Rises.  What did I like about the films?  What didn’t I like about the films?  How will Don try to sway me and defend the movies?  How many references can I make to Nolan and company lifting stuff wholesale from the comics and why would I be upset about such a thing?  Am I upset about such a thing?  Do I just like asking questions?  Listen and find out.

Next time: The show will return.  I don’t know when but it will return!

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Batman Begins PosterEpisode 17: Mike “vs” The Nolan Films Part 1

I don’t think it is a secret that I have some issues with the Christopher Nolan Batman films.  There are parts of those movies that I like and there are parts that I really don’t like.  Recently I sat down with my friend Donovan Morgan Grant (he of BatmanUniverse.net, Spider-Man Crawlspace and The Next Dimension: A DragonBall Z Podcast fame) to have a spirited debate about the pros and cons of the Nolan Trilogy.  In the first part we begin (no pun intended) by discussing fandom in general and then make our way into Batman Begins.

Just to be clear; these episodes are not three hours or me complaining about the films while Don defends them.  If you are going into this expecting me to just rip the movies to shreds you are going to be disappointed.  I tried my best to be fair with my criticisms and honest about what parts of the films I actually liked.  I’d also like to thank Don for not only coming on to the show to talk about the Nolan Trilogy but also sending me my copy of Dark Knight Rises, which was mighty keen of him as I did not want to pay money for it.

Next time: Mike “vs” The Nolan Films Part 2!  Coming in a just a few, short days!

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Batman ReturnsEpisode 16: Batman Returns Commentary

Merry Christmas, Happy Yule and in general Happy Holidays, one and all!  I hope everyone is having at least a passable holiday season.  I know I have been “off the air” for a few weeks but the general craziness of this season caught up with me.  Never fear, though, because the show is back with its Christmas Special!  Today I am presenting a commentary for the second big budget Batman movie…Batman Returns!  To make things even more festive I brought along a friend.  Joining me to talk about and over this film is none other than Andrew Leyland.  You know Andy or at least you should because he’s awesome.  Andy co-hosts Hey Kids, Comics with his son Micheal and the Fantasticast with his friend (and mine) Stephen Lacey.  We spend about twenty minutes talking about the summer the film came out and how we first saw it before diving in and…well, the commentary starts out with us being nice enough but see if you spot the moment where we have had enough of this film.

I sincerely hope that each and every one of you has a very Happy Holiday, whatever you choose to celebrate or even if you don’t celebrate anything at all.

Next time: No clue, but I’ll figure something out.

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Episode 15: A Chill In The Air

This time out I am joined by podcasting legend Scott Gardner.  In addition to now mailing me a check for writing that Scott is one of the Freaks over at the Two True Freaks Podcasting Network where he co-hosts such shows as Star War Monthly Monday, Comics Monthly Monday, Star Trek Monthly Monday and more.  Scott joins me to talk about a Golden Age Batman story that was pivotal to the Dark Knight’s evolution as a character.  In Detective Comics #33 Bill Finger and Bob Kane revealed that Bruce Wayne’s parents were killed by a common thief.  Nearly ten years later Finger and Kane returned to that story and expanded on it in a tale from Batman #47.  “The Origin of Batman” revealed how the Caped Crusader came face to face with yesterday and confronted Joe Chill, the man that shot his father which caused his mother to have a heart attack.  Scott and I discuss the story in-depth and then go on for quite some time about the place this story has in Batman’s history including the episode of Batman: The Brave and The Bold which adapted it.  Scott even reveals his TRUE feelings for the sixties Batman television series!  It was a fun conversation and Scott is welcome back any time.

During the episode I mention that Scott and I discussed this story or at least elements of this story years ago on an episode of Back to the Bins.  You can find that episode here.  Check it out!

Also Scott and I were both reading this story in a 1976 trade paperback titled Secret Origins of the Super DC Heroes.  This is an amazing book with an equally amazing cover so if you happen upon it at a reasonable price I would heartily recommend it.

Also, here’s the Who’s Who entry I talk about late in the episode.

EDIT: I nearly forgot to post Keith’s image.  Sorry, Keith!

Awesome, ain’t it?

Bailey’s Batman Podcast is a proud member of the Batman Podcast Connection.  Head on over to that site to check out a plethora of great Batman related shows.

Subscribing to the show is easy and fun.  Well…it is easy at least.  The RSS feed link can be found here or you can subscribe through iTunes here.  The e-mail address for the show is baileysbatmanpodcast@gmail.com. Write in.  I like getting feedback.

Next time: Three…count them…three reviews in one packed episode!

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